There are plenty of ways to get connected and stay engaged, but the truth is they all take varying degrees of effort and commitment. That's why we say here "Application is Everything." We can want to be engaged, talk about taking next steps, and think about it for days on end; but until we actually do it, it does nothing. That's where we aim to help.

Here you'll find a few different ways to help people take their next steps with God. Everything from Sunday morning services, baptism, What's Next? Lunch, Deeper Classes, Serving, Missions, Giving and more. We love and care about your spiritual journey and want to help you follow God. If you don't see something here or have a question, please email dan@forefront.org and we'll help to better serve you.

  • Forefront Life University

    If you've been following God for any length of time, you may have said or thought the phrase, "How do I connect more?" Usually we equate this with knowledge. But, here at Forefront we believe it's how we live out that relationship with God that helps us to be deeply anchored with Him.

    We host Forefront Life University classes periodically that range in topics from Bible 101, Prayer, Fasting, Giving, Serving, Spiritual Gifts, Studies on a Particular Book of the Bible, and more. These classes are free, but have limited space. Email dan@forefront.org to find out about the next class and get signed up.

  • BAPTISM, Becoming A Christian

    There are plenty of next steps along our journey with God. The most defining moment in following Jesus is getting baptized and following the example He set in the Bible. We have a page with more information and video content ready for you to dive in.

    Learn more about baptism here

    Email us with questions about baptism: jason@forefront.org


    Small groups are truly the foundation of Forefront Church. It's where people find healing, relationships, a shoulder to cry on, and friends to help them navigate the ups and downs of life. We have a page dedicated to Small Groups that you can check out.

    Learn more about Joining A Small Group here


    Serving at Forefront and in the community is huge. We want you to be able to use your talents & gifts to help others. We have a dedicated page to helping people to Join A Serving Team. 

    Learn more about Joining A Serving Team here


    If life has handed you some things that are difficult, you're in the right place. We all need something to help us walk through these things together. Our pastors and leaders are here to help you find healing and love through Jesus. If you'd like to schedule a time to meet with one of our pastors, email info@forefront.org and we'll get together with you.