Life Is Messy.

From the moment we enter the world, life is messy. As we get older, the messes change, but it's still, well... a mess. This often leaves us feeling like we aren't good enough; like we need to hide our we are just outcasts.

This Easter we want to bring our mess to God.

He specializes in messes.

He takes messes and turns them into miracles.

If you've wandered,

Wondered why you're here,

Asked what your purpose is,

Been down a road you wish you hadn't,

Said things you wish you could take back,

Had someone hurt you,

Experienced tragedy,

Lived with shame,

Been ridden with guilt,

Struggled with self-esteem,

Felt rejected,

Faced fear and anxiety,

Been overwhelmed by worry,

Questioned faith,

Doubted what God is or can do...

Forefront is the place to be this Easter.

Easter Sunday, April 16 there will be 5 identical services.

8:30am, 10am, 11:30am, 5pm, and 6:30pm. 

To learn more about what to expect when you arrive, click here.

3 Things We'd Like To Share With You

Clicking a Facebook post, driving by our Easter signs on Holland Road, or being handed an invite is one thing, but walking through the door can be pretty overwhelming. We understand and want to help you, your family, and friends feel at ease as you walk through the doors for the first time.

It's True.

We hope to each week strip away all the pretense and talk about faith in a plain, easy to understand way. The best way to let you know this before walking through the door is that you matter to God and us.

You are not your past.
You are not your mistakes.

Whatever is happening right now, we care.

You matter and what is going on in your life matters.

We're here to remind you that your value, worth, and purpose is on the other side of regret, shame, and despair. And its starts with knowing you are valued by God and here at Forefront.

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For The Way Christians Have Treated Others.

From the first day we opened our doors in 1998, we aimed to be a refuge for the hurting and broken. What we didn't anticipate, was the number of people who had been wounded by churches and Christians who would flock to Forefront. Individuals who spent decades away from God because someone had hurt them in a church. We aim to change that.

We're sorry if that's part of your story. 

The good news is your story doesn't end with a period, but a comma.

You can engage faith again.

We're here to say we're sorry for the way you've been wounded.

Forefront is a safe place to heal.

A fresh start in seeking after the divine.

Welcome home.

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The Best Is Yet To Come.

Easter is an amazing first step. For you and your journey, there are many more steps ahead of you. On April 23, the Sunday after Easter at 12:30pm we're inviting you to "What's Next?"

It's a free lunch where we'll celebrate the fact that you've been 2 Sundays back to back, that you've made the decision to explore faith & the divine, and we'll talk (while you eat of course) about what the next steps in your journey could look like.

Maybe it's joining the church.

Maybe it's serving the homeless.

It's possible you're wanting to follow God and have a fresh start.

Whatever it is, we'll talk through some ways that you and your family can get plugged in. Free childcare will be provided. The best way to make sure you're on time is to come to the 11:30am service that day, and stay for "What's Next?"

We want to make sure we're ready for you, so let us know you're coming so we can have plenty of food.