A collision is simply the meeting of two forces at the same place. Often a collision can be just the thing we need because when two objects collide, at least one will walk away changed. In fact, every time our lives collide with Jesus, we walk away changed. COLLIDE is a time for students to gather where they will get have fun, get to know each other, connect with leaders who care about them, and learn from the Bible in a practical way. COLLIDE takes place at Forefront Church on Sunday nights from 5-7pm.

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    We start off with food & hanging out together with students. Small group leaders take time to get to know students, connect them with other kids their age, and let them know they are welcome at Collide. Once Large Group begins, there are a couple of games and a teaching time before breaking out into small groups.


    In small groups students have a chance to talk through the teaching, learn from other students, and process how to live a life that mirrors the teaching of Jesus. It's a safe place to open up as their small group leaders help guide the discussion.


    From bonfires to laser tag, beach trips and more; we want students to build meaningful relationships with other students and their small group leaders. We believe this, on top of partnering with parents, is the foundation of kids following Jesus for the long haul.


    We make yearly trips to Atlanta and Mexico for missions trips, serve locally with the homeless, and various projects throughout the year. Our goal is to instill the heart of service in every student who is a part of Collide.