Get Over IT

Theme: When we think about coming to faith and following Jesus, what should we anticipate is going to happen in our life? Will our actions be different? Will we talk differently? Will our decisions reflect a different mindset? The good news is that there are actually some clear signs that begin to happen in the life of someone who follows Jesus. You will see that your life is changing by the fruit it produces. In this 9-week series, we'll look at what life looks like when you follow the man named Jesus. We need to get over what we think we know and embrace a new concept of what it means to be a believer and follower of Jesus.  

Study, Week 1, Mar 25-31

Study Week 2, Apr 01-07

Study Week 3, Apr 08-14

Study Week 4, Apr 15-21

Study Week 5, Apr 22-28

Study Week 6, Apr 29-May 05

Study Week 7, May 06-12

Study Week 8, May 13-19

Study Week 9, May 20-26


I Love The 90's

Theme: The 90’s were an interesting time. Much of the rapid changes were all about appearance. How we look, what we own, how do people see me? It was fun to watch it all happen, but the outside can be flashy while the inside is all over the map. How do we get the inside rooted day to day? Well, the Psalms are a GREAT source of wisdom and direction. In this series, we’ll explore Psalms 90-99 and learn that we truly love the 90’s.

Study Week 1, May 27 - Jun 02

Study Week 2,  Jun 03-09

Study Week 3, Jun 10-16

Study Week 4, Jun 17-23

Study Week 5, Jun 24-30


War Within

Theme: For years the church and Christians at large have been okay with talking about things like alcohol addiction, broken marriages, character flaws, etc. But, what answer does the church have when people battle anxiety, depression and mental health? Is it simply to pray it away? Do I not have enough faith if it doesn’t go away? There are so many questions and more often than not there are very little answers. What does the Bible have to say about this? Is there any hope for people wrestling with this? How can you help people who are battling these things?


Study Week 1, Feb 25 - Mar 03

Study Week 2, Mar 04-10

Study Week 3, Mar 11-17

Study Week 4, Mar 18-25


Spare Me

Theme: Finances are one of the most difficult things to discuss. Not just in the church, but in our lives in general. What if we learned to not only handle our finances, but also have a heart for others with our generosity? When we live our lives for God, we have more to spare of our lives for others, our neighbors, city, and the local church. 

Study Week 1, Jan 28 - Feb 03

Study Week 2, Feb 04 - 10

Study Week 3, Feb 11 - 17

Study Week 4, Feb 18 - 24


How To Survive A Shipwreck

Theme: We all go through difficult times, but it doesn't mean we have to fail. Someone has been there before you. God knows how to help you overcome. Jesus has given you the strength. In this 4 week series we will look at how to face our hurts head-on and survive the shipwrecks of life. 

Study Week 1, Dec 31 - Jan 06

Study Week 2, Jan 07 - 13

Study Week 3, Jan 14 - 20

Study Week 4, Jan 21 - 27



Now What?

Theme: Sand and rock. We can put things on rock and sand. But, what happens when the wind comes up? What happens when the storms of life come and things get rough? How do we handle it? The answer begins from where we have built the foundation of our lives. Do we operate from a foundation that shows that we are prepared? In this one week message, we'll take a look at what our lives can look like when we foundational trust God. When we live, love, and carry our lives from a rock foundation. The principles and disciplines God hopes for us can change our lives forever. But only if we choose to. 

Study for December 31st, 2017



Theme: This four week series takes a perspective look on the popular lost and found story of the Prodigal Son found in the New Testament book of Luke in chapter 15. In this series, we will explore the story from four different perspectives. We will look at the younger son, the older brother, the community, and the father. The same story, from four different perspectives, that have the underlying theme of the love of the Father. 

Study Week 1, Nov 26-Dec 02

Study Week 2, Dec 03-09

Study Week 3, Dec 10-16

Study Week 4, Dec 17-23



Theme: I'm not smart enough, bright enough, loving enough, or good looking enough. The list goes on. We convince ourselves of the image we think we HAVE to be instead of the image God MADE us in. When we are in (identify with) Christ, we are enough. When we see our identity this way, in Christ, we can move through whatever life throws at us. His is big enough to be the one we can trust to handle it all. It's when we realize that He is enough that new can really live! 

Study Week 1, Oct 29-Nov 04

Study Week 2, Nov 05-11

Study Week 3,  Nov 12-18

Study Week 4, Nov 19-25


Monsters Under My Bed

Theme: Rejection. Loss. Death. Things that all of us will experience in life. Fear can keep us from doing anything. It keeps us from branching out and trusting God with all the places in our lives. In this series, we'll learn how we can thrive in freedom instead of fear. 

Study Week 1,  Oct 01-07

Study Week 2, Oct 08-14

Study Week 3, Oct 15-21

Study Week 4,  Oct 22-28


4 Things I Wish You Knew About God

Theme: What does God think of me? What does He want from me? Can God even use me? Does He even care about me? There are tons of assumptions out there about God. What He thinks, who He loves, that He has a bunch of rules for people. In this series, we'll learn about 4 key things every person needs to know about the nature and beauty of God.

Study Week 1, Sep 03-09

Study Week 2, Sep 10-16

Study Week 3, Sep 17-23

Study Week 4, Sep 24-30


Beyond These Walls

Theme: It's easy to get stuck in a routine and become complacent. But God never asked His followers to sit and be comfortable. He asked them to get uncomfortable and interrupt their normal every day lives to help others, lead people, love people, serve our communities and the world. In this one week teaching moment we'll learn what it means to live

Beyond These Walls. 

Study, Aug 27-Sep 02



Theme: Who is influencing your kids? Who is influencing you? Are you or your kids being kidnapped and you don't even know it?? Our children have been taken over by a culture and world with heavy agendas. What the world wants them to believe, say, and do seems clear wherever we look. It's time to take back the reins and lead our children to what is true about them and what God wants for their future. Let's not let them remain kidnapped. And this isn't just for kids. Adults can be easily swayed to believe things about themselves and this world that aren't true. Let's talk about how to raise our kids and what we might learn about ourselves as well. 

Study Week 1, Jul 30 - Aug 5

Study Week 2, Aug 06 - 12

Study Week 3, Aug 13 - 19



Theme: When we make our choices we show what we love and what we value. To a certain extent we show God what we worship. Throughout the Bible there are moments where people built altars to remember specific times and events. The altars they built were not to worship sports teams, man caves, or craft rooms. Back then the people of God built altars to signify that God is in control. In this series we'll explore the altars that we build and why. 

Study Week 1, June 25 - July 1

Study Week 2, July 2 - 8

  Study Week 3, July 9 - 15

    Study Week 4, July 16 - 22

    Study Week 5, July 23 - 29




Theme: Where do you belong? Who do you call family? Is it with your sports team? Work friends? Car or book club? Deep down inside we are all longing to belong. Do you know where that comes from? Well, in this 4 week series we'll dive into the depths of our longing to be part of the tribe. 

Study Week 1, May 28 - June 03

Study Week 2, June 04-10

Study Week 3, June 11-17

Study Week 4, June 18-24


This is Living

Theme: Living in light or darkness, going our own way, loving and serving others. Our lives are marked by the way we act, the things we say, and whatever it might be that serves to anchor our morality. What does it look like to live a life for God? In this four week series, we'll take a look at the encouragement found in the pages of 1 John. 

There, we will learn what living in Jesus really means!   

Study Week 1, April 30 - May 6 

Study Week 2, May 7-13

Study Week 3, May 14-20

Study Week 4, May 21-27


Making of Giant Killer

David's Path To Greatness

Theme: David is an amazing study in how life isn’t easy, but in the end God is faithful and merciful. As we start the new year, it’s time to slay the giants and get connected or reconnected to the one who empowers us to slay them and win in this journey. In this 1 week message we’ll take a glimpse into the life of David.

Study Week 1, Dec 25 - Jan 01


Messy Grace

Theme: Grace. God's love. We are told God gives it freely, whether we deserve it or not. But, do we believe it? For us? For others? What about the pedophile, the rapist, the murderer, the liar, the thief, the egomaniac, the gossiper, and more? If grace is for everyone, it's going to be messy. The good news is, it's not our mess to clean up. In this series, we will look at how to live a life that embraces God's amazing grace.


Study Week 1, Mar 26-Apr 1

Study Week 2, Apr 2-8

Study Week 3, April 9-15

Study Week 4, Apr 16-22

Study Week 5, Apr 23-29 (No Study This Week)


Conversations With God

Theme: Prayer isn’t something that you just know how to do. We need to learn, practice, see examples of it, and be taught what God wants from us and for us. We may have a weird idea about what prayer is or isn’t. But truth be told, it’s simply a conversation with God. In this 4 week series, we’ll tackle everything there is to know about prayer. 

Study Week 1, Feb 26-Mar 4

Study Week 2, Mar 5-11

Study Week 3, Mar 12-18

Study Week 4, Mar 19-25


Principle of the First

Theme: Finances are one of the most difficult topics to discuss, not just in the church but in

life in general. What if we learned how to not only handle our finances, but also to have a heart for others with our generosity? Let’s dive in and learn about the principle of the first.

Study Week 1, Jan 29 - Feb 04

Study Week 2, Feb 05 - 11

Study Week 3, Feb 12 - 18

Study Week 4, Feb 19 - 25


In Case Of Fire

Theme: When temptation comes, when the pull to do something you know could hurt you or others arises, do you have a back up plan? If the moment presents itself for you to make a wise choice or a foolish one, God wants you to run. He wants you to have a way out. In this 4 week series we’ll discuss temptation and sin and help one another have a way out “in case of a fire.” Because... it’s going to happen.

Study Week 1, Jan 1-7

Study Week 2, Jan 8-14

Study Week 3, Jan 15-21

Study Week 4, Jan 22-28


Love Does

THEME: Have you ever asked yourself what love does? Sounds like a deep question but when we look at love and what it does with a loving God as our focus, we begin to see things. We discover how to handle fear, how to serve others, how to be selfless and how following Jesus holds it all together.

Study Week 1,  Nov 27-Dec 03

Study Week 2, Dec 04-10

Study Week 3, Dec 11-12

Study Week 4, Dec 18-23


Life Adrift

THEME: When you drop anchor, you're painting yourself in one spot. You make a statement of what is your foundation when you let your anchor out. In this series, we'll look at some of the practices of every believer that tethers us to the divine so we're not leading life adrift. 

Study, Week 1: Oct 23 - Oct 29

Study, Week 2: Oct 30 - Nov 05

Study, Week 3: Nov 06 - Nov 12

Study Week 4: Nov 13 - Nov 19

Study Week 5: Nov 20 - Nov 26



THEME: The life of Daniel didn’t just change the face of a generation, it changed the course of history. Daniel chose to follow God and God honored him along the way. We too can learn to follow God so boldly that we can see a culture shift.

Study, Week 1: Sep 25 - Oct 01

Study, Week 2: Oct 02 - Oct 08

Study, Week 3: Oct 09 - Oct 15

Study Week 4: Oct 16 - Oct 22



THEME: In Ephesians, we’re constantly reminded of the one God designed us to be. Too often we forget that we have turned over a new leaf in Christ. A totally new person who is serving an amazing God. It’s time we get to leaving the old us behind, and grab hold of the new you.

Study, Week 1: Aug 28 - Sept 03

Study, Week 2: Sept 04 - Sept 10

Study, Week 3: Sept 11 - Sept 17

Study Week 4: Sept 18 - Sept 24


Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

THEME: When we see someone’s life unravelling, the natural reaction most people have is “It’s none of my business.” They don’t get involved. What if you have an obligation to help those around you, even if it’s not your mess? But, what if it is your mess? It’s time to take ownership of what’s happening in our lives and accept accountability for our circus and our monkeys.

Study Week 1, July 31 - August 06

Study Week 2, August 07 - August 13

Study Week 3, August 14 - August 20

Study Week 4, August 21 - August 27


What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

THEME: Wisdom isn't just something you are born with. We have to seek out people, books, leaders, and ultimately God to find wisdom. Life will help you learn as you go, but why wait? Let's learn about finding wisdom now, so we can learn how to move in God when we don't know what to do. 

Study Week 1, June 26 - July 02

Study Week 2, July 03-10

Study Week 3, July 10-16

Study Week 4, July 17-23

Study Week 5, July 24-30

Miracles & Mistakes, The Story Of Moses

THEME: Some people go through a rollercoaster in life. We all have our moments, but how do we handle it when life comes at us faster than we are ready for? Moses, a character in the Old Testament, is the poster child for all things crazy in life. So much happened to him and yet he was still able to battle through it all. What can we learn from the life of this amazing man? Let’s take a look at all of the Miracles & Mistakes. 

Study Week 1, May 29-June 04

Study Week 2, June 05-11

Study Week 3, June 12-18

Study Week 4, June 19-25