September 21, 2018

Update hopes that if you aren’t in a small group yet, you’ll sign up for one soon! Make sure to request one that serves cookies on a regular basis. Just ask up front to avoid wasting any time. “Do you serve sweet, delicious melt-in-your-mouth cookies at every meeting?” If the answer is no, move along until you find one that does. Priorities!! Now check out the latest news happening at Forefront:

  • hurricane relief

    We are partnering with one of our sister churches, Two Rivers Church in New Bern, NC to help people affected by the storm. If you would like to donate financially please click here.  We are also sending a team with supplies down this Monday. If you'd like to donate any items please bring them to church this Sunday. Helpful items include new packs of socks and underwear, water, easy open non perishable food, disinfecting wipes, towels, light blankets, buckets, and sponges. Thank you!!

  • student ministry all- nighter

    All middle and high school students are invited to come hang with us TONIGHT September 21 and stay ALL NIGHT! We’ll kick off the fun at 8pm with games, giveaways, talent show, worship, and a special late night field trip to Sandbridge for a glow in the dark beach game! Oh, and did we mention we will have SO MUCH FOOD? Pick up time is 6am Saturday morning. To register and get more details please visit our All Nighter info page.

  • are you in a small group?

    If not, what are you waiting for? Small groups are the best thing we offer here at Forefront. They consist of about 8-10 people, meeting in homes all over the city, for a weekly time of food, fun, and community. In small groups we grow, share, learn more about God and the bible, and form valuable friendships in the process. We have many groups available, including some brand new ones. It’s the perfect time to join! Please email dan@forefront.org for more info or visit the small groups tab at forefrontchurch.info. 

  • current series

    Why do some people run the race of life and seem to have it great, while others barely keep up? Well, it all comes down to one simple word… action. Some people hear the wisdom of Jesus and take action, doing exactly as He says. Others decide they know better and take short cuts. In this series, we will explore why the words of Jesus have eternal implications, and when we follow them, we see that life is truly #blessed. Join us this Sunday, September 21 for week 4 of our series #blessed. 

  • Vietnam nutrition program

    For years we have served the remote village of Ta Phin in Vietnam, helping with various projects in their community. One of those projects is providing school lunches for the children at the primary school. Your $75 donation will provide 270 nutritious meals for a child for the 2018/19 school year. Please click here for all the details on how you can help!


    Every week in this section we’ll feature our budgeted needs and most recent donation totals, along with some thoughts on how your giving impacts our church.

    Weekly Projected Budget: $11,000

    This Week's Donations: $7,667.30 (Online only)

    September is a great month to reset some habits we may have let go during the summer. Maybe it’s time to get back into attending church and small group regularly, or start a new Bible study/reading plan. It’s also a good time to start giving regularly if you aren’t already. We have lots of events and projects coming up, including Fall Fest and the building expansion, that depend on the consistent giving of those who call Forefront home. You can give online, in the buckets on Sunday, or even have it directly taken out of your bank account. Thank you for keeping us up and running so we can help people find and follow Jesus!