June 14, 2018

Happy Father's Day this weekend to all the dads out there! Update hopes you have a relaxing, stress free day filled with lots and lots of crispy bacon. (Or whatever it is dads like. Update hears guys talking about bacon a lot so she went with that.) But first check out the latest news at Forefront!!

  • We're collecting bug spray!

    For the month of June we will be collecting bug spray to donate to PIN Ministry. PIN distributes a lot of cans to the homeless community and we'd like to help replenish their stock. Please pick up a can of effective, Deep Woods style spray and drop it in our PIN bin in the lobby any Sunday this month. Thank you! 

  • current series: I love the 90's

    The 90’s were an interesting time. Much of the rapid changes were all about appearance. How we look, what we own, how people saw us. It was fun to watch it all happen, but oftentimes, the outside can be flashy while the inside is all over the map. How do we get the inside rooted day to day? Well, the Psalms are a GREAT source of wisdom and direction. In this series, we're exploring Psalms 90-99 and learning that we truly

    Love The 90’s. Join us this Sunday, June 17 for week 3!

  • no 5pm service this summer

    In case you still haven't heard, there will be no 5pm service during the summer months. Instead, we will be offering our Forefront Life University classes. (Read more about those below!) So all our 5pm-ers will need to wake up a little earlier and check out our morning services at 8:30, 10 or 11:30!

  • Forefront LIfe University

    Although some classes have already started, it's not too late to sign up for our Forefront Life University classes, happening throughout the summer! We are offering a variety of helpful, insightful classes to help you navigate a range of topics like faith, parenting, marriage, starting over, and much more! Please check out forefrontchurch.info/flu for all the details. Attendees will get a cool new t-shirt as well as some great resources. We hope to see you in class this summer!! 

  • student ministry summer schedule

    Hey Middle and High School students! Our Collide service will be taking a break from our usual meetings over the summer, but we have some awesome events planned so we can keep getting together! We hope you can join us for fun stuff like a beach picnic, pool parties, game nights and more! Click here for our full schedule, and if you still have questions just email lacy@forefront.org.


    If you are new to Forefront we want to hear from you! This Sunday please fill out one of our Connection Cards and drop it in the offering bucket. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous you can bring it to the Get Connected table and we’ll give you a free gift! Don’t worry, we won't force an awkward hug on you; we just want to say hi and thank you for checking out Forefront. 


    Every week in this section we’ll feature our budgeted needs and most recent donation totals, along with some thoughts on how your giving impacts our church.

    Weekly Projected Budget: $11,000

    This Week's Donations: $7,671.24

    Did you know the total donations Forefront receives always goes down over the summer? This is often just a result of people changing up their schedules due to travel, vacation and other summer events. But we still have the same expenses and need to keep up with them. If you give regularly to Forefront please continue doing so over the summer months. If you don’t normally give, this is a great time to start a new habit! We count on consistent giving to help us provide a place for everyone to come and learn about Jesus, and every penny goes into our mission of reaching people who need him. Remember, you can donate online, in our buckets on Sunday, or even have it taken automatically from your bank account. Thank you!!