September 15, 2017

Update hopes you are having a great week. PUMPKIN SPICE!! Oops, sorry about that; this is the time of year pumpkin spice slowly and methodically infiltrates every aspect of our lives, including the Update intro. PUMPKIN SPICE!! Anyhoo, let's move along and take a look at all the latest news at Forefront:

  • current series

    There are TONS of assumptions out there about God. What He thinks, who He Loves, all the rules He has for people, who He is going to strike with lightning, and more. Let’s look at 4 things every person needs to know about the nature and beauty of God. Join us at 8:30, 10, 11:30 or 5 as we continue our series, Four Things I Wish You Knew About God.

  • collide: one month down party!

    Hey middle and high schoolers, be sure to join us in Collide on Sunday, September 24 as we celebrate getting through the first  month of school! We'll have games, treats, and some back to school swag! We're meeting at the usual time, 6:30-8pm. Email lacy@forefront.org if you have any questions! 

  • fall fest

    Mark your calendars, because before you know it our annual Fall Fest will be upon us! This year it's happening on Sunday, October 22 from 5-8pm, and it's sure to be an awesome time for the whole family! We're talking live music, trunk or treating, chili cook-off, marshmallow roast, karaoke and more!! Stay tuned for more details! Tickets will go on sale September 17. 

  • forefront small groups

    You’ll hear us talk a lot about Small Groups at Forefront, because it’s one of the best things we do!! Our groups just started back up this week, so if you’ve never been in a group, or if it’s been a while since you’ve gone, this is a great time to start. Here are a couple of ways to join: 1) Fill out a connection card and check the Small Groups Block on the back. 2) Go to forefrontchurch.info and look for the small groups tab. 3) Or, skip all of that and just talk to Dan at the round green table under the black tent just outside the lobby after service. Easy peasy! C'mon - give it a try!

  • YOu're invited on a global adventure!

    Every year Forefront travels to Vietnam to serve a special community that has become close to our hearts. We are already planning our 2018 trip and you can be part of it! Please go to forefrontchurch.info and click on the Vietnam tab. There you can give us your info so we can contact you about upcoming trip meetings. Whether you are sure you want to go, on the fence, or just mildly curious, let us know so we can answer your questions! Please check out this short video message from Dan.


    If you are new to Forefront we want to hear from you! This Sunday please fill out one of our Connection Cards and drop it in the offering bucket. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous you can bring it to the Get Connected table and we’ll give you a free gift! Don’t worry, no one will stalk you or force an awkward hug on you; we’d just like to send you some info on our church. Thanks for checking us out!


    Every week in this section we’ll feature our budgeted needs and most recent donation totals, along with some thoughts on how your giving impacts our church.

    Weekly Projected Budget: $11,000

    This Week's Donations: $13,324.07

    We have lots of ongoing expenses that we tend to take for granted. We are always fixing or replacing things that wear out, keeping up general maintenance on the building and grounds, and supplying it with everything from toilet paper to communion cups. We couldn't cover these routine needs without your consistent and generous giving! Thank you to everyone who gives regularly so we can keep our building humming and keep us moving toward our mission of helping people find and follow Jesus. You can give Sunday in the buckets or online anytime at forefront.org/giving