May 25, 2018

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Update will be at the Pungo Strawberry Festival, eating her weight in funnel cake. You can attempt to lecture Update about healthy eating habits, but she won’t hear you because she is already lost in a funnel cake daydream. Mmm…funnel cake. In other news, let’s check out the latest news at Forefront:  

  • current series

    This Sunday we are wrapping up our 9-week series on the fruit of the spirit. When we choose to truly follow Jesus, you can see how your life is changing by the fruit it produces. We need to get over what we think we know and reclaim a new meaning of what it means to be a believer and follower of Jesus. Join us this Sunday, May 27 for Week 9 of “Get Over It.” We're talking about Self Control!

  • no 5pm service this summer

    Starting Sunday, June 3 there will be no 5pm service during the summer months. Instead, we will be offering our Forefront Life University classes. (Read more about those below!) So all our 5pm-ers will need to wake up a little earlier and check out our morning services at 8:30, 10 or 11:30!

  • Forefront LIfe University

    Sign-ups are officially open for our Forefront Life University classes, happening throughout the summer! We are offering a variety of helpful, insightful classes to help you navigate a range of topics like faith, parenting, marriage, starting over, and much more! Please check out forefrontchurch.info/flu for all the details. Attendees will get a cool new t-shirt as well as some great resources. We hope to see you in class this summer!! 

  • baby dedication

    On Sunday, March 27 we will be holding a special Baby Dedication during the 11:30 service. If you have a little one and are interested in joining our celebration please email becky@forefront.org.     

  • student ministry summer schedule

    Hey Middle and High School students! Our Collide service will be taking a break from our usual meetings over the summer, but we have some awesome events planned so we can keep getting together! We hope you can join us for fun stuff like a beach picnic, pool parties, game nights and more! Click here for our full schedule, and if you still have questions just email lacy@forefront.org.


    If you are new to Forefront we want to hear from you! This Sunday please fill out one of our Connection Cards and drop it in the offering bucket. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous you can bring it to the Get Connected table and we’ll give you a free gift! Don’t worry, we won't force an awkward hug on you; we just want to say hi and thank you for checking out Forefront. 


    Every week in this section we’ll feature our budgeted needs and most recent donation totals, along with some thoughts on how your giving impacts our church.

    Weekly Projected Budget: $11,000

    This Week's Donations: $11,368.23

    We have tons of fun events planned for our student ministry this summer. It's important to us to provide opportunities to keep our students connected to each other and the church during the summer. Your giving helps us to provide fun outings (and snacks!) for our kids, and gives them a safe place to hang out with their peers and leaders who care about them. Thanks to those of you who give generously and consistently so we can continue to offer these types of activities! Remember, you can donate online, in our buckets on Sunday, or even have it taken automatically from your bank account. We appreciate every penny! Thank you!!