May 19, 2017

Update wants to remind you about the Parents’ Night Out this Saturday night. Update was thinking of leaving her kids there and then “accidentally” forgetting to pick them up until the next morning. Just toss them some handfuls of goldfish crackers and they’ll be fine! (Oh, Update's kidding! Don't report her!) Before you partake in your wild, kid-free night out, be sure to take a few minutes to catch up on the latest news at Forefront:

  • Vietnam Info Mtg

    Every year we send a team of people to Vietnam to serve the village of Ta Phin. We have been working in this part of Vietnam since 2007. Maybe you've always wondered what it would be like to go on one of these amazing trips. On June 11th at 12:45pm, we will host an informational meeting on our plans for 2018. Come and learn about our work in Vietnam, our plans for 2018, and what being on a team is like. Maybe 2018 is your year for an incredible journey! 

  • blood drive

    Did you know that someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds?? Help make a difference by donating blood! The Bloodmobile will be at Forefront on Sunday, June 11 from 8am to 12pm. You can walk in, or you can visit the Red Cross website to sign up for a time. (Type in 23453, then scroll until you find Forefront.) Added bonus: free juice and cookies! Thanks for saving lives!

  • current series

    What is the difference between living for God and doing our own thing? Does it matter how we live as long as we’re not hurting anyone else? Do our actions and choices impact others? Join us this Sunday as we continue our series on the book 1st John called "This Is Living." During this series Jason and some of our other staff will be sharing some amazing life movements that will help us all take steps towards a life that is truly worth living.

  • an easier way to get connected!

    We’re excited to introduce our new digital Get Connected table! Just like our Get Connected table in the lobby on Sunday, it’s a quick place to connect with the church to get info, sign up for an event, request prayer, etc. But now you can do it from anywhere just by visiting forefrontchurch.info or going to the “Connect” tab on your Forefront Church App. The cards will change weekly, just like the info at the table. Check it out!


    If you are new to Forefront we want to hear from you! This Sunday please fill out one of our Connection Cards and drop it in the offering bucket. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous you can bring it to the Get Connected table and we’ll give you a free gift! Don’t worry, no one will stalk you or force an awkward hug on you; we’d just like to send you some info on our church. Thanks for checking us out!


    Every week in this section we’ll feature our budgeted needs and most recent donation totals, along with some thoughts on how your giving impacts our church.

    Weekly Projected Budget: $11,000

    This Week's Donations: $11,032.54

    Generosity spreads. When we give, we grow. When we grow, we change the world around us. We can give of our time, talents, and treasure. The question might be - why? Because giving is an outpouring of our love for a God who loves us beyond our ability to reason. Our collective giving has a direct and lasting impact on people’s lives. So, we would say join us in giving because every penny, every moment, and every talent impacts a life. We are in this together. Let’s do it!! Thanks so much for your generosity!! We couldn’t do it without you! You can give on Sundays by cash/check in the buckets during offering, through our app, or online at Forefront.org/giving.